Fishing – FAQ

We’ll be fishing near the Pensacola Pass. We will fishing both in the bay, and out on the ocean, up to 9 miles out. It all depends on where the fish are biting each day.
Land & Sea Charters only accepts Cash or Check
I recommend layering your clothes. The Florida weather changes by the hour. You may find yourself in a sweatshirt in the early morning, but be in shorts and a tank-top before lunch.
I trailer my boat so that I can meet you close to where you are staying.
The only thing that you need to bring is a small cooler with drinks and maybe snacks.
My boat is 22′ long, plenty big enough for 4 people and myself.
Absolutely! I will ask however, that you drink in moderation.
No, I have a commercial license that covers everyone on the boat.
Yes, I will also bag and ice them when we return.
No, It is included in the cost of your trip
Sure, why not…. Wait a miute… NO. Any person fishing in the area that will guarantee that you WILL ALWAYS catch fish, simply isn’t telling you the truth. I can only guarantee that I will do everything I can to catch fish.
It changes during the season. Some days we will barely leave site of the launch and others we may go 10-20 miles down to get to the fish.
Yes, please do. I thoroughly enjjoy taking kids fishing. In fact I run a number of children’s programs for the City of Pensacola, and showing the kids the beauty of fishing in the open ocean, is one of my passions.

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