About The Captain

Captain Tim Land

Captain Tim LandBorn and raised in Pensacola, Florida, Captain Tim Land is no stranger to the shimmering waters of the Gulf Coast. His family, deeply rooted in the outdoors, has only added to his passion for hunting and fishing from a very early age. Captain Tim spent a number of years as a deck hand on a various offshore charter boats, which afforded him the chance to fish in the deep blue Gulf Coast waters any chance that came about.

Along the way he fished in a variety of Offshore and Inshore Fishing Tournaments including winning the Outcast Inshore Slam Tournament in 2010 along with Captain Dusty Powers and Captain Josh Rozier. Well respected by other anglers and fishing captains alike, because of his willingness to share his fishing expertise, Captain Tim Land sets out each day to share his love of fishing with his friends and customers.

Captain and SonCurrently working for the City of Pensacola has allowed Captain Tim to work with local youth in numerous outdoors-based programs, putting on several outdoor events including fishing camps, where he works directly with local youth to pass on his knowledge. It has been, during these sessions that Captain Tim has had the opportunity to witness the smile of child once they reel in that first fish.

This, of course, brought him to the realization that he had to take it a step further. Captain Tim Land received his Captain’s License in 2011. His fishing excursions focus on family and youth fishing trips, and he settles for nothing but the best.

For Captain Tim, you might think that fishing and hunting are the most important things in life, but that isn’t the case. FamilyThe most important thing to Captain Tim is FAMILY, and his is growing. The Lands will welcome another water-baby to the household in the late spring of 2014. Nothing could bring more happiness to his home. Family is “Where its at”, as Captain Tim would say. When he is  on an excursion with your  family, your family memories are the most important thing for him to help you achieve.

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