Wild Hog

Hog HuntIf you are ready to Go “Hog Wild” in Pensacola, Florida, then look no further than to Captain Tim Land for a guided hunt in Pensacola, and the surrounding area. Cunning, intelligent, and dangerous, the Florida Wild Boar is an exceptional adversary to any hunter. With a keen sense of smell, this feral beast will disappear fast if you aren’t prepared. So how do you get prepared? You hire the best Hog Hunter in Pensacola, Captain Tim Land.

The Wild Hog is not a native Floridian species, and it is believed that they were introduced to the area by the famed Spanish explorer Hernando Desoto in the mid-1500s. Wild hogs persist in all 67 Florida counties in a variety of habitats including palm hammocks, marshes, and pine flatwoods. These pigs can reach weights of more than 150 pounds, with lengths of up to 6 feet.

Wild hog at Myakka River State ParkThey are usually found unaccompanied or in small groups. These mammals are the second-most popular big game in Florida.

On private lands, Wild Hogs may be hunted year round using an legal method – rifle, shotgun, crossbow, bow or pistol. Hog hunting does not require a license, and there is no bag limit. You may also harvest either sex.

VarkenspootOne impressive option to cooking wild hog is to cook a Wild Hog Leg. All you need to do to prepare this wonderful feast is an oven or smoker. You will cook the leg for several hours, typically an hour per pound, over low heat. This will allow the meat to break down so that it ends up tender by the time it is at the table. If you need to add a little fat to the mix, you can wrap a few pieces of bacon to the leg while it is cooking. Once your internal temperature of 170 degrees is reached, you can remove it from the oven. Let it sit for a few minutes, then slice and serve with your favorite fruit-based sauce. This makes for a great holiday table option.

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